Lanka Interoperability Framework (LIFe) is a set of open standards to ensure the interoperability in government information systems. Interoperability is the ability of diverse information systems from various organizations to seamlessly work together. Interoperability is the highest degree of operability.

The ultimate goal of eGovernment is to enable each government organizations to become a  one-stop-shop and provide all government services through a single window. In order to achieve this goal, it is required to create a connected government where all the government organizations are electronically and process wise connected. For an integrated government to effectively operate and provide one-stop-shop services, it requires government organization to share and exchange information across systems. This requires understanding on and sharing common objectives of the government organizations across organizational boundaries and collectively working towards setting up of common standards.

This also requires government organizations to develop interoperability mechanisms for exchange data between their information systems. LIFe focuses on ensuring interfaces between various information systems which are developed by government organizations are completely understood and they achieve both syntactic and semantic interoperability.,

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